Huh? I thought chocolate milk was bad for you! It is full of unhealthy sugars and fats right? Think again! A low fat chocolate milk post workout drink may be all the supplementation you need to lose fat and gain muscle! Numerous studies have shown that chocolate milk is better than sports drinks, like Gatorade, at providing adequate recovery from exercise. No wonder why famous athletes, such as Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, are reaping the benefits of chocolate milk after working out! Keep reading and you may discover why chocolate milk is the best post workout protein on the planet (okay that may be a little exaggerated). But first, for those who don’t know, let’s learn why protein and carbohydrates are essential nutrients for recovering after a strenuous workout.Find expert advice about chocolate recipes.

During intense exercise, the muscles undergo serious changes. In fact, when muscles are engaged in concentric and eccentric contractions (shortening and lengthening of the muscle), microscopic tears occur. Scientists believe that this tearing down of muscles is what causes muscle soreness after a workout. Don’t be alarmed. This is a normal process! And don’t think if you are not sore the day after a workout you did not have a good enough workout! The body adapts to muscle soreness over time and severity of soreness will start to decrease. To help rebuild the muscles and make them stronger, amino acids (the building blocks of protein) must be consumed after a workout. Many experts even recommend taking 10 to 20 grams of whey protein 30 to 45 minutes prior to exercise as well. I take the nutrition supplement Cytogainer 30 minutes before my workout and chocolate milk after my workout and the muscle and strength increases have been amazing.

Carbohydrates also play an important role in exercise. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy for most types of exercise. After a rigorous workout, much of the carbohydrates in the body are depleted. When this happens, the body often times turns to other sources of energy to fuel physical activity, such as fat or protein. Breaking down protein for energy is counterproductive for someone looking to gain muscle. Fortunately, this can be avoided by refueling with carbohydrates after an intense resistance training session.

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When you use a kitchen for family gatherings and for time spent together, kitchen cabinets are often used to store other items than you might ordinarily expect to find. For example, there might be a cabinet for board games or video games; a place where art supplies are stored; there might be a set of cabinets, shelves and drawers where homework supplies and resources are stored when children do their homework at the kitchen table.
For a different family, their kitchen cabinets might be configured in a way that makes it easy and comfortable to entertain while preparing meals. This kind of usage suggests a floor plan that brings guests into the intimacy and warmth of the kitchen but still keeps them out of the way of the cook – with an island, for example. This kitchen might also include a snacks and drinks configuration in the outward-facing side of the island – an under counter refrigerator and a refrigerated drawer.
Still another kitchen designed for someone who does a lot of cooking and baking, or in which two people cook together, will typically include several work areas – such as a baking area and a food preparation area. Lower priced kitchen cabinets often do not offer these options. This kitchen will have ample storage, a large number of specialty cabinets and shelving areas, as well as sufficient counter space to accommodate all of the cooks’ needs. This kitchen will also typically have multiple sinks, refrigerated units and possibly warming ovens, as well.