There are some things that any addict or alcoholic might want to know about drug rehabs or addiction treatment centers before they commit to checking in to one. First of all you will probably go through a medically supervised area in which you will detox, and this may last for the first couple of days of your stay there. Normally, depending on what drugs or alcohol you are detoxing from, you will be kept in detox under the supervision of medical staff for about three to five days. Of course these are just averages and some people will be in detox a bit longer and other people might not need detox at all.

Next you will likely go into residential treatment for about a week or two. This is where you attend groups, therapy, lectures, watch videos, and talk with counselors. You will also probably attend 12 step meetings at most rehabs, though some places might have other forms of treatment other than the 12 step program. You will probably meet with a lot of peers who are in the same basic situation that you are in. They will all be trying to get clean and sober just like you are in fact.

Usually you will be assigned a therapist to work with you and that therapist will come up with a plan for when you leave treatment. They might recommend outpatient treatment, meetings, or even long term care for you when you leave. Most people who manage to stay clean and sober have followed these aftercare recommendations and done the necessary footwork that was suggested to them.more from here


Finding the best back pain treatment is not an impossible task, especially with all the choices available today. However, if you want to get the best results, it is very important that you identify the cause of your back and muscle condition first, as this will dictate which type of treatment will work best for your particular problem.

Treatment for Acute Back Pain
Back pain is generally divided into two major categories – acute and chronic. Acute back pain usually results from simple over-exertion of muscles, participating in excessively strenuous sports and sustaining injuries. While this kind of pain can be excruciating, the recovery period can also be quite short. For most of these cases, the recommended back pain treatment would be bed rest, massage therapy and some medication to dull the pain. Depending on your preference, you can also take natural pain relief supplements. For More Info

If there are other injuries associated with the back and any muscle pain, such as inflammation or stiffness of the muscles, your doctor might prescribe additional medications to address these issues. But mostly, rest and relaxation are the best treatment for acute cases. If the pain is not so severe, you can even go about your ordinary tasks such as going to work and doing household chores, as long as you don’t put too much pressure and strain on your back muscles.

Treatment for Chronic Back Pain
Chronic back pain is the second type, and these are usually triggered by underlying medical problems. In such cases, the pain in the back will seldom go away unless the underlying illness is addressed as well. For most people suffering from this condition, the first line of defense against is to take over-the-counter or prescription pain medication. Most doctors will also recommend therapy treatment, such as physical therapy or Bowen therapy, depending on your medical or holistic practitioner. This form of treatment specifically targets the affected areas of the back. For more serious cases, advanced forms of back pain treatment may be required, such as surgery. However, these drastic methods are only considered as a last resort, when all other known methods have failed to deliver positive results.

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, you can get temporary relief from the pain by applying a warm compress to the affected areas. It is not always recommended as it does depend on your particular problem, but it does feel good temporarily.


Hair oiling and scalp massage are truly holistic therapies that have been practiced for thousands of years in the Indian subcontinent. This ancient health and beauty technique not only benefits our hair and scalp but is also an excellent stress reliever, and as most of know very , when we are calm and relaxed we automatically look younger and more youthful. In India it is customary for family members to give each other weekly scalp massages to condition the hair, balance the scalp and aid relaxation. Although it is always more beneficial and enjoyable to receive a scalp massage from someone else, self treatment is also very beneficial.Check This Out on Three Squares Studio.

The main benefits of hair oiling and scalp massage: Strengthens hair roots by improving blood circulation under the scalp. Natural deep conditioning for dry, unmanageable hair. Helps in the detoxification of the scalp by loosening dead skin cells. Stimulates hair growth, especially when stimulating essential oils and extracts are used. An excellent stress relieving technique, inducing a sense of psychological wellbeing and deep relaxation.

How to do a hair oiling treatment: Before starting the treatment it is best to protect clothing with a towel/robe and remove all jewellery. Heat a small amount of hair oil to a comfortable temperature (the oil should feel warm to the touch). If your hair is long, divide it in to sections. Dip your fingers in to the oil and section by section apply the oil ensuring all hair is covered. Avoid using too much oil as it will difficult to wash out. When oiling is complete, massage the scalp for 5 to 10 minutes. To enhance the therapeutic benefits the oil may be be left on for a couple of hours or even overnight. Wash hair thoroughly with a good shampoo and follow with conditioner. It is important that a good quality hair oil is used for this treatment, products based on mineral oils and synthetic ingredients can compromise the benefits considerably.

Ingredients to look out for in a good hair oil are: Macadamia nut oil (preferably cold pressed and organic) an excellent hair conditioner, replenishes vital moisture by penetrating the hair shaft luxury hair oil (preferably cold pressed and organic) a great source of vitamin e and essential fatty acids, especially recommended for dry flaky scalps and brittle hair Neem oil/extract. A powerful antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic. Calms, soothes and balances problem scalps. Especially good for itchy scalps.


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The ketogenic diet was first introduced in the 1920’s as a means to control epilepsy in children. In more recent times, the principles of the ketogenic diet have been adapted for a highly effective weight loss plan. The ketogenic diet is high in fat, low in carbohydrates, and is designed to provide adequate protein and calories for a healthy weight. The essential aim of the diet is to prompt the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrate, which has the effect of fast weight loss. The high fat content can cause surprise and concern in a health conscious society which associates ‘fat’ with ‘bad.’ However, good fats are healthy and necessary as part of a controlled and balanced diet. High levels of carbohydrates, on the other hand, can cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which can lead to obesity and low energy levels. Part of the appeal is the ketogenic diet is its success in achieving fast weight loss, so it is ideal for those with many pounds to shed.You can get additional information at keto blog.

The diet excludes high carbohydrate foods such as starchy fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta and sugar, while increasing high fat foods such as cream and butter. A typical meal might include fish or chicken with green vegetables, followed by fruit with lots of cream. Breakfast might be bacon and eggs, a snack cheese with cucumber. There are many variants of the diet which including more relaxed versions of the regime. The initial few days of a ketogenic diet involves the body adapting to a different way of eating, which can prompt a feeling of ‘withdrawal’. This is no surprise as modern western diet and foods are heavy in starch and sugar.

Following this adaptation period, however, those eating a ketogenic diet begin to enjoy many benefits. In addition to fast weight loss, there are increased energy levels. The ketogenic diet can also be very enjoyable, with delicious fish, steaks, bacon, eggs and fruit with cream on the menu. Enjoyment of food is important if the diet is to prove sustainable. Usually low levels of complex carbohydrates will be re-introduced when excess weight has been shed for long term weight maintenance.


Bagua Kung Fu training began for me some forty years ago. I was involved in Kenpo Karate, fascinated by martial arts in general, and I found this martial arts book, and…forty years later I still walk in circles. Circles, of course, are what good bagua is all about. You walk in circles you turn your arms you spin and pivot and… breath. It really is the easiest martial art I know, yet one of the most divinely complex, and one of the hardest to do right. And, in spite of these contradictions, it has the most glorious and observable benefits of any Martial Art that I train in.

Anyway, back in the 90s I decided to construct a Bagua training hall. I didn’t want a thing of wood and beams, however, I wanted an open air temple where I could enjoy the purity of training that the ancients had enjoyed. So I looked out my back door and up to the peak of a nearby mountain top. Actually, it wasn’t much of a mountain, more of a hill, but there was a charm to it. Prying eyes wouldn’t be able to see me, and permeating everything was the sweet smell of giant sage plants, and this wilderness training hall would be open only to those who liked to do a little climbing. All in all, it looked like Paradise had found a home on earth.

I built the ‘doorway’ to my mountain kung fu training hall by selecting a path through large plants. I used a sharp edge shovel, and I dug steps up the mountain side. When I reached what I felt to be the perfect spot, I began to scrape and level a twelve foot circle in the hilly earth. The first time I walked my bagua circle was heaven. I breathed deeply, felt space expand around me, and I could–I swear–feel the spiritual fires awakening, coursing through my frame, herding me along the path of the ancients. Unfortunately, heaven proved to be a quick trip. To learn wing chun

Insects. Millions of swarming gnats, a herd of eternal bugs surrounded me, tried to fly into my mouth, actually tried to crawl up my nose. And bees, and wasps, and big, fat black monsters with stingers that made a noise like the exhaust of a racing motorcycle. I tried wearing a veil, I brought citronella pots to the clearing, I tried everything, but nothing worked. My carefully crafted Bagua Kung Fu couldn’t withstand ‘bug-wah’ communism. Over the decades I have continued my training, and have experienced revelations, blessings of all sorts…but I have done so from safely within those darned, infernal, man made doohickies called houses.


We visit a doctor when we suffer from flu, cold and cough or any other diseases. We don’t go away with it. Isn’t it? But what if there is a problem in our relationship? Will you go along with the problem or try to visit a counselor for family counseling?

It has been noticed that relationship among couples often lead to court. But why should you go to that extreme when you can solve all your problems through therapy? Researches show that under supervision of good and trained counselors, marriage counseling is 70-80% successful. But, the point is that most of us don’t open up and think of visiting any center for couple counseling.

In spite, counseling is successful across the globe, people have raised questions about the entire process. Many people think that unless both partners co-operate each other no therapist can make them understand the value of marriage and why they should respect each other. The blame game continues among couples leading to numerous other problems in families of both parties.

When To Visit Or Consult A Counselor
As a couple when both of you start feeling that there is something wrong in your relationship think of visiting a family psychoanalyst. Don’t make delays which might lead to other critical issues. Why you should continue the fight among yourselves which will force both of you to think about divorce or mutual separation? There is no need for that when you can resolve your problems with such counseling services. Breaking a relationship is quite easy. But it is really hard to build a strong bond among couples. So, when you can’t solve your personal issues among yourselves take immediate appointment of a family psychotherapist. Read more Therapy by Jennine Estes

How Does Counseling Work
There are many counseling service centers where you can get some genuine services like couple and family counseling. Same day services are also provided in some centers. What you, as a couple, need to do is to come to a common point and visit a reputed center where you can get proper guidance on family re-building.


Trained and experienced counselors treat couples as friends and try to ask as many questions to understand their problem. Now, when they come to know the problem they provide those couples with solutions which actually are helpful to save their relationships. It is their duty to help a man and his wife come out of all sorts of conflicts and commence a fresh journey altogether. It has been observed that some critical family problems can lead to 10 to 12 sessions. But don’t panic. If your problem is not that crucial, you can get solutions the same day or after 1 or 2 sessions.

To ensure a happy and prosperous life and live like a happy couple, you have to go for counseling. It is good to go for couple counseling even if you don’t have any serious issues. Often a therapist can help you find new ways of living a happy life, forever. You will find such family counseling centers and in case you need it, don’t hesitate to step in one of the leading centers.


So you’ve heard of the immense health benefits of green smoothies and finally decided to give it a try. You mixed your fruits, ice and veggies in your trusty regular blender and found it greatly refreshing and delicious. The apples, bananas, strawberries and kale allowed you to consume the necessary helping of fruits and vegetables everyday. You already had the perfect morning and afternoon drink except for one thing: Instead of a well-blended drink, you got uncrushed ice, fruits and veggies getting into your mouth which makes drinking your smoothies a bit inconvenient.Whereas a blender is for general kitchen use, a smoothie maker is specifically made with smoothies in mind. Ingredients for smoothies usually include fruits, vegetables, yogurt and some crushed ice as staples. Athletes sometimes mix protein powders in them while others throw milk or some almonds in their mixture. Whatever the composition, your machine is sure to grind, pulverize and mash all these to a pulp so you get to enjoy a totally smooth smoothie. mixér na smoothie

A smoothie maker has a more powerful motor compared to a traditional blender, thus enabling it to better mix ice and frozen fruits. It only has three to five speeds since it is only used to make smoothies. Its pitcher utilizes a narrow cone shaped design that deposits ice and fruit directly to the blade assembly, making ice crushing and blending faster, more efficient. But the most striking difference one can see in a smoothie machine is the cup holder and dispensing spout built into the pitcher. Found at the bottom of the pitcher, the spout allows you to fill a cup without taking the entire pitcher off its base. Moreover, a smoothie maker usually comes with a so-called “stir stick,” a long plastic cylinder that fits into the mixing chamber and helps blend the ingredients without the need to stop blending and opening the lid. This practically answers the problems with some blenders regarding the “dead zone” in the middle that had to be remedied by stopping the mixing procedure, opening the lid and stirring the ingredients with a spoon to make it blend easily. Even more helpful is the presence of measurements on the side of the mixing chamber that aid you in making the perfect smoothie. Computerized timers and cycles in some models blend the ingredients, allow it to sit for a time, then blend it again for a more satisfying drink.


After looking for the Sonicare Diamondclean Sonic Toothbrush in all the major Philips Sonicare stores in vain, I finally found it in several high end shops and I could not believe the price of this toothbrush. It was a delight to get the toothbrush on Amazon, at a cheaper cost than those Philip rechargeable brushes that don’t have the notorious sonic technology. I have been using Sonic toothbrushes for a long time, dating back to the early 2000’s. My very first toothbrush was a Philips, which I later replaced with a Braun Sonic. I liked this particular toothbrush, however over the years, its quality has grown weaker. My ideal replacement was the Philips Sonicare HX9332/04. One thing that I really liked about this toothbrush is the glass tumbler that holds the Sonicare Diamondclean Sonic Toothbrush while it’s charging. I can actually say that I have found a toothbrush that I believe I will use for a long time to come, as I feel completely satisfied with what it offers.Read More Here sonicare diamondclean vs oral b

The Sonicare Diamondclean Sonic Toothbrush is a really classy toothbrush especially when it comes to usage. It has a ceramic smooth finish and five cleaning modes that are white, clean, polish, gum care and sensitive. I can say for sure that this toothbrush actually delivers the manufacturers claim found on the box. The Sonic Diamondclean has a large head and a clean head that is a little smaller, both heads have a lift off cap for protection. While I was waiting for the arrival of my Philips Sonicare, I made an order for a set of basic standard Sonicare brush heads and to my delight they fit perfectly on the Sonicare Diamondclean Sonic Toothbrush. As for performance, I can say that I noticed a big difference between the Diamond clean suited heads and the replacement heads.

It is very easy to switch the speeds on the Sonicare Diamondclean Sonic Toothbrush and this is what makes it so powerful. To switch speeds you simply press the main button once and go down the highlighted list of lights which appear whenever activated. There is a timer and quad cycle that is built in, this tells you when it’s time to make an angle change on the brush. This improves brushing, as you are able to reach all corners of your mouth.

Oral B electric toothbrush is efficient enough to provide complete cleanliness of your mouth. It removes strains from your teeth, keeps plaque at bay and takes less time to brush. There are various types of Oral B toothbrush from which it is really hard to choose a perfect one for your own self. Although, there are many people who are still using manual toothbrush but the craze of electric toothbrush is increasing at a very fast pace. People have always demanded for better options and thus, Oral B has come up with electric toothbrushes that saves your time and provides easy, comfortable and effective brushing.

Oral B vitality precious clean rechargeable electric toothbrush, Oral B professional care toothbrush and Oral B professional care deluxe toothbrush are some of the well known toothbrushes which are much in demand and are used in all parts of the world. You can look for them on internet too. If you are planning to buy a new toothbrush then it is always better to look for the reviews on internet. This will help you in comparing the various options and then choose the best one for yourself as per your need and pocket. There are various sites on internet that provides you complete knowledge about the Oral B toothbrushes and the modes they possess. Some sites also allow you to book your electric toothbrush online making your shopping much easier. Although, one may say that Oral B toothbrushes are a bit expensive but it is surely a good investment for your teeth.


Spine ache has always proven to be very irritating besides painful alone. This is why people are always in the look for more and more effective ways of handling spine. For the time being, the most effective way to do so seems to be undergoing a spine surgery. However, without the right person to carry out the spine surgery, things are not likely to last as smoothly as expected. This is why it is important to pay attention to the characteristics an ideal spine specialist should have.

To get things started, the characteristic that an ideal spine specialist should have is that he or she is a reasonably well trained person in terms of spine treatment. This can be seen from whether or not the specialist is a person certified by the board and has a fellowship when it comes to treating spine. If so, this specialist has proven that he or she has had at least one year of experiences in getting his or her hands on spine surgeries.

The next characteristic that an ideal spine specialist NJ should have is that he or she is an experienced person when it comes to treating spine patients. With that being said, it is a lot more preferable in case most of the specialist’s patients are those who have spine problems.

An ideal spine specialist should also be aware that he or she should never recommend a surgery at all without first taking into consideration the chances that other non surgical methods may have in terms of healing his or her patients. Also, an ideal spine specialist will not even think about making use of the latest technological trends in the field of medic without clear knowledge about those latest trends and what precautions they may have brought along with them.

If a spine specialist does not seem to care too much about other people’s opinions, or the specialist does not really like to answer things questioned by the patients, or that he or she is not a good communicator, chances are this is not an ideal spine specialist. An ideal specialist will be someone that has good communication skills and is willing to be friendly to the patients instead of ignorant or arrogant. It is true that in some cases the specialist may not have an answer to the questions asked by the patients. However, he or she should still try to give the patients a logical answer that may satisfy the patients.

Fancy eating French-style marinated rabbit meat or a nice home-cooked deer stroganoff? These exotic meats aren’t really the usual servings at the butcher’s. Ordering meat online is a perfect solution for experimental cooking. Many would assume the quality of meat that is ordered online would be poor due to the delivery time which would understandably lessen the freshness of the content.

When ordering meat online, the supplier would generally enclose the desired choice of meat in air-tight, uniquely designed packaging that prolongs the actual expiration process of the meat. Due to the perishable nature of the meaty content, many suppliers apply a technique called flash-freezing. Meat is preserved in a refrigerated storage that is specially built to maintain the meat in suitable-for-shipping conditions.

There are various web portals that can accommodate orders for exotic meats and even imported poultry. Payment methods are usually dealt with the use of either credit cards, or debits cards. PayPal account owners are welcomed to utilize their international merchandise trade online membership to make the necessary payments. Charges for shipping services are pre-determined by respective meat suppliers.

Delivery usually includes secluded parts and rural areas because there is new-found high demand for exotic meat throughout the world. Foreign culinary is a booming industry in the entrepreneurial sector. Restaurateurs try to explore new and innovative approaches to offer an added advantage to attract a larger network of customers. Chefs are keen on adding their expertise in western culinary styles that would sometimes require a dash of exoticism. A variety of meat is a must-have for any uptown classy restaurant and sometimes at the serving menu of a 15 square feet home-kitchen counter to a family of five, courtesy of a new-age working mother.