VASER has been around since 2002, when it was approved by USFDA for fat removal. And no, VASER has nothing in common with similar sounding LASER, which also has been used for liposuction. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Simply put it adds the benefit of ultrasound technology to the standard liposuction procedure. Ultrasound waves are sound waves at specific frequency and one commonly comes across it during ultrasound cleaning of dental plaque and while looking at the growing baby in mother’s womb. Usage of ultrasound for liposuction itself is not new. Ultrasound assisted liposuction ( UAL)was very popular in eighties. VASER has resurrected ultrasound in liposuction. VASER is 4th generation ultrasound assisted liposuction technology which offers more safety than earlier ultrasound technologies. Speciality of VASER is ” liposelection” – meaning it caused damage to fat cells only without damaging other tissues.Feel free to visit their website at ดูดไขมัน for more details.

VASER liposuction is a surgical procedure like the good old liposuction, only technology and results differ. VASER is performed in sterile operation theatre by qualified plastic surgeon. General or local anaesthesia is used. Tumescent solution which may contain local anaesthetic is injected into the fat to be liposuctioned. Injection of tumescent solution shrinks blood vessels, provides anaesthesia and also creates safe environment for VASER by completely soaking the fat tissue.VASER probe, which is a solid titanium rod of 3-5mm diameter is then introduced into the fatty layer through small 3-5 mm cuts in the skin. The ultrasound energy is delivered at accurate dosage at the tip of the probe, while moving the probe through fat in all layers all over the area. Ultrasound energy selectively destroys fat cell membrane and liquefies fat. Since the blood vessels, nerves and skin are resistant to lower doses of ultrasound, they are safe. Liquified fat is then vaccumed out with hollow suction metal cannulas attached to vacuum suction machine.

Depending of how much fat was removed VASER liposuction can be a same day surgery or may require hospitalization. Antibiotics and painkiller tablets are prescribed and usage of compression garments is mandatory for 1 month or more after VASER liposuction. Tissue swelling is natural after any surgical procedure. After VASER liposuction results are seen gradually over next one month onwards as gradually swelling comes down and skin retracts. This is facilitated by wearing compression garment.

So what is the special advantage of VASER liposuction? VASER liposuction enables larger amounts of fat removal which was hitherto unsafe due to blood loss. So one can have more fat removal, without the need for blood transfusion. Recovery after large liposuction is faster with VASER. VASER also allows for better sculpting in tougher and fibrous areas like back and male abdomen. High definition liposculpture with VASER is gaining popularity for creating six pack abdomen look. VASER has been used in more than 100,000 procedures all over the world and has proven to be safe.

Finding dresses for young girls can be quite the nightmare particularly if your child comes with you on the shopping trip. Many cuts and styles of girls dresses are overly provocative being far too short and with very little material on top. Unfortunately, it is often to these adult style dresses that young girls flock and many a Saturday afternoon is spent arguing with your child over the suitability of their clothing. Clearly a responsible parent will not allow their child to wear such revealing clothing yet the ensuing arguments may prove too much. How do you find a suitable balance that is both accepted by the parent and the child alike? Read on for style advice that strikes a happy medium. The following trends are all popular now and you can convince your child that these dresses are suitable simply by showing them the fashion magazines. They will see that the celebrities to whom they look up are wearing similar adult versions of the following girls dresses and with a bit of luck your child will feel better with their choice.

The Military Trend-This is very popular now, and before you go running for cover, the military trend does not involve dressing up in an army uniform in the same way that little boys would love! The military trend is all about tailored clothing, particularly the jackets. Olive greens, khaki colours and desert yellows are all appropriate colours to pull-off this trend. Choose longer style dresses with a camouflage pattern in order to strike a balance between young and old.visit the site fashion outfits reviews.

Purple, by way of colour this season, purple is very popular as are camel colours and reds. Given that the Royal Wedding is just around the corner purple will prove a very regal colour in which to celebrate this momentous occasion. Ruffled Shoulders and Textured Dresses, we have seen the layering of fabrics frequently on catwalks around the world of late in particular the use of sheer materials over a non-sheer base. Girls dresses in such a design will prove perfect as they cover modesty and yet are exceptionally fashionable – most young girls will love these dresses.

Patterns-Popular patterns this season include animal print and floral detailing. Floral prints will prove very popular amongst young girls because as most people are aware we girls cannot get enough of flowers which to us represent natural beauty in its purest form. When choosing floral detailing, opt for subtle understated designs as these are the most fashionable at present. Animal prints are a little on the wild side, and are best avoided by children under that age of 12. If you do opt to buy your child a dress with an animal print, make sure that the design is very subtle incorporate animal print gently for example using a scarf never dress from head-to-toe in an animal print – however old you are!