Introduction To Procom Insurance Company

The top most requisite before starting taxi business is to get it covered by insurance. It is a type of business that entails the liability for road users as well as the passengers travelling in a taxi apart from the business owner. Having valid taxi insurance is a must before landing on the road, no matter whether the taxi is being used for public use or private use or whether it is operated by owner.You may find more informationĀ  atĀ

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Taxi insurance is more expensive than private car insurance because this type of insurance has to compensate for the injuries caused to the passengers travelling in the taxi. Moreover, the taxis remain on the road for longer time as compared to the private owned cars. For breakdown, accidental loss, damage to the windscreen for the private and public cabs, cash cover policy is also offered. If in case, after the accident, the taxi gets damaged and the condition becomes non workable, then there is a facility of cab replacement available. Moreover, if in case the passengers travelling in the taxi or any of the road users sue the taxi company owner, then it becomes the liability of the insurance company for the payment of all the legal expenses. Nowadays, there are number of insurance companies that come up with various bonus earning schemes.

There are basically three types of taxi insurance policies available for taxi business owners such as – Comprehensive insurance policy – It is one such insurance which provides the owner with cash cover in case of any theft, vandalism, fire or any type of the damage which is caused to the taxi by an accident whether due to the driver’s fault or any other reason. The third-party insurance policy – It is the one that provides cash cover to the policy owner in case if any type of the damage is caused to any other person by the taxi.

The third-party theft and fire insurance policy – This is the policy according to which the coverage of the third-party damage caused by you is given and this also gives the compensation to the damaged taxi because of any theft, fire or explosion. To get the maximum benefit from taxi insurance, it is always recommended that one should opt for the full comprehensive insurance policy if the taxi is used for personal use. One must opt for the public liability insurance as well because it gives protection to the employees as well as other people who get injured by the taxi.