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It’s summer time and the season is favorable to set off for a perfect vacation. Whether you plan to go as individual or spend some quality time with your family members, walking in Wales and enjoying its scenic beauty can be a good option to consider. Not only it is a great place, with huge range of hotels and guesthouses, but also is an amazing place for shopping. The Preseli Hills is an enormous range of hills in the north of Pembrokeshire Coast that are situated in West Wales. The hills are sited about 536 meters above the sea level and holds astounding prehistoric remains such as the Bluestone. Many geologists have been doing research on these mountainous ranges. Preseli Hills is a great area where you can seek pleasure, in terms of walking the tracks and enjoying the soothing beauty. And if you are a fan of extreme adventure and thrills, then you can always opt for hiking the cliffs of these mountains.Kindly visit Blue Ocean Activities to find more information .

For more interesting sightseeing and walking and hiking, you can also think of going to The River Teifi Wales. It is situated in the south-west of Wales between two counties. Snowdon is the highest mountain of this area touching a height of 3,560 feet. People, at times, do take mountain railway to reach the place. However, if you are in mood for some foot work and want to enjoy your vacation, then walking down or maybe hiking to the summit is actually more rewarding.

As said earlier, holiday in Wales will be an experience that will not be disappointing at all. You may think that besides the enjoyment, fun and exploration of the mountains, this vacation is maybe out of your financial reach. Well think again! When it comes to accommodation in Wales, the situation is very flexible and suitable for your pocket. There are top quality hotels available to match your style and taste.

But those who are looking for good comfortable places that are inexpensive, Wales is the place to be. Most of the guest houses, motels and hotels are owned by local and native families. So they do not demand big bucks for your stay. These hotels offer reasonable accommodation facilities and the experience will be amazing. In fact, they also would provide you guiders and track hikers to go along with you on mountain ranges.

Another aspect of accommodation in Wales is that many of the local families are ready to host foreign students and young people as guests, during their vacation or holiday in Wales. They ask for really less money and even provide meals. By doing this, they make earning out of it, and you as a young person get a chance to interact with locals and learn about their culture. So whether you opt for hiking in Preseli Hills or just walking in the mountainous ranges, spending holiday in Wales is a fabulous idea. Hope you have great time there, and the vacation ends up with great experience and cherished memories.