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Photo scavenger hunts can be a great way to get party-goers actively involved in having fun. If you are planning a party for teens or adults, there are many possibilities for coming up with some neat ideas for photos you will have your scavenger hunt participants taking.Image result for Major Elements In Darien Dash Projects

If you’ve never participated in a photo scavenger hunt before, let me explain how it works. Unlike most scavenger hunts where you bring back physical things that you’ve had to find, with a photo hunt, you just have to bring back a picture. Nowadays, most people will have a digital camera, even if it is just on their phone, so it makes the game easy for everyone to play.

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This can change the traditional scavenger hunt game quite a bit. For example, you don’t have to send your groups out to photograph different objects they need to find. You can instead have them photograph themselves doing different tasks.

For a bit of retro fun, set each group up with a single Polaroid camera. Since Polaroid film is a bit expensive, you can make thriftiness part of the game, and it will also help keep the game short and fun. Make one of the rules that only a single packet of Polaroid film can be used by each group. So that would be 10 totals photo.

Planning the Photo Scavenger Hunt List

This is where the fun comes in. You should feel free to mix things up a bit. Make a list of tasks that can be done indoors and then some that can be done outdoors. Be sure to pick a couple of challenging locations too. And naturally, most of the stuff on your list should probably be a bit silly. Or if you are having a bachelorette party, you could try for a little risque.

If you find yourself stumped for ideas, think about the kinds of games you played as a kid that were physical and that would probably be pretty funny (and possibly embarrassing!) to do as an adult.

Here’s a short list:

Pillow Fights
Light as a Feather
Then you task your party-goers with specific instructions based on these games. They go out and play them and bring back photographic proof! For example, have them prove that the party levitation trick (Light as a feather) actually works. Or tell everyone to go out and play Statues as specific types of statues (comic book characters, American presidents, etc). Or have everyone come up with a phrase for charades and then each person has to be photographed doing a different word in the phrase.

I think now you probably have a good idea of what kinds of silly things you can come up with for your friends to do on a photo scavenger hunt, but you can always get more great ideas from my compilation of scavenger hunt lists. There should be enough there to really help get your own creativity flowing.