Protecting Your Marketing Budget From Click Fraud

There are many articles on the Internet regarding click fraud. Most of them are written by software providers offering products that limit Google AdSense clicks on your website from the same IP address. click here to visit the website.

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That type of click fraud information is only for the site owners who are concerned about Google possibly slapping their site down because the site has been shown to have been used for meaningless clicks.

However the only benefactor money wise from these, are the site owners themselves, because they are the only ones who benefit from the revenue earned from the fake clicks. So that click fraud subject is mostly irrelevant, but in reality it can happen. However, usually because the site owner is the only one who benefits from clicks on their website (besides Google), a motive, revenue speaking wise, is almost non-existent for anyone else besides the site owner to provide false clicks.

Thus, ‘that’ click fraud subject is for the sole purpose of protecting ones site against purely malicious clicks, which isn’t the main theme or motive of click fraud. Even competitors don’t want you to earn revenue from your site, so their motive to perform click fraud has no real benefit behind it. In this article, I would like to cover the real issue of click fraud, not sell you some software you really don’t need. I am talking about people clicking on your ads who have no intention of buying your product or service. These can happen for a variety of reasons.

#1) There are traffic mongers who hire groups of people, individuals, friends, etc., from around the world, to click on ads for the sole purpose of gaining revenue from the clicks for the site owners.
#2) There are people who have an alternative motive other than revenue for clicking your ad; and there can be many reasons. a) They compete with you; b) They have a past grievance with you. c) They have some type of issue that brings them to the conclusion that they are your enemy.
#3) They are just plain bad people who thrive on hurting others. They laugh while running up peoples bills just for kicks. They are outlaw mentalities.

That’s the real click fraud we would like to address. There are things you can do to reduce the number of meaningless clicks you receive when marketing online, but one sure way is to not place yourself in a position to receive valueless clicks.

The following two rules below, if adhered to, will assure you that your campaigns will not be abused, and you will not be spending your marketing budget unwisely, leaving the results to chance.
I had recently written about the difference between successful marketing and non-successful marketing being affected greatly by your ability to find, and market to, your targeted audience.
Here are two ways to successfully market your website with paid advertising without suffering the common grievance of click fraud and a low return on investment