Recovering from addiction with a California rehab -Brief Notes

Most often when we say drugs and alcohol the first thought that will come to our minds is smoke filled dark rooms, where there are people who are not in their senses. People in the past believed that addicts were possessed and had the devil living inside them. This thought has been thrown out and now scientists and researchers have concluded that drug or alcohol addiction is not caused due to one single factor. There are many factors which come together and push a human towards addiction. Most often it was found that psychological problems, combined with emotional set backs and certain beliefs were the reason for addiction. You are likely to see a man in a drunken state talking like a big shot who is not scared of anyone. The same person in a non alcoholic state will be someone who is scared to talk about his thoughts and beliefs. The alcohol or drugs gives him a high and in this state he finds a little courage and shows it off.Click here to find out more:recovering from addiction with a California rehab.

Alcohol Rehab
When a person comes to a rehab center it means he has no control over his drinking limits. This sort of a person is first sent for detoxification, which means he is not given any alcohol for about two weeks. This is the most difficult period for the addict. He or she is so used to having alcohol that a break without it can have some effects on them. The minor side effects can be treated as an outpatient itself. Sometimes they may go into severe depressions or have other serious side effects. Then keeping a close eye on them is vital.

Whether the person is a very serious addict or not, they need to be monitored at all times so that they don’t fall to their urge to drink and get alcohol from some unknown source. This is the time when family and friends of the addict must stand by. Alcohol rehabilitation is not just giving medicines. There is no medicine to stop a man from drinking. There are some pills known as Antabuse, yet the pills make a person sick if he takes alcohol. To stop the vomiting they will start avoiding the alcohol. The pills have caused mixed reactions from addicts. This is the reason why alcohol rehab centers have various therapy sessions which can be for an individual or group, they have counseling session and even have spiritual sessions to help the addict stay away from alcohol for ever and to cut down the chances of a relapse.

The support of the family is of utmost importance. A spouse or family member should always be there to back them up. The absence of their loved ones can push them into depressions further and cause them to drink again. Alcohol addiction should not be looked at as an individual problem but as a family problem.

Apart from the old traditional ways mentioned above there are many new approaches. The Holistic approach is another option which many people go for. The addicts tend to have a feeling of helplessness and the only way to beat this feeling is to bring a balance in them; a balance which will bring their emotional, physical, spiritual and mental self to oneness. This is being achieved by a combination of remedies like herbal, acupuncture, acupressure, physical fitness, meditation, blood chemistry analysis and massages.