Types of Chocolates

When it comes to the many types of chocolate, it can be a bit confusing to figure out what types of chocolate have in common with each other and what they have that’s different. You will be surprised as to what you might find out and what you may not have known about it.

Dutch Processing
When it comes to bulk chocolates and bulk candies stores, the last thing that you’re really concerned about is whether or not you’re going to be buying candies that underwent or didn’t undergo the Dutch, or alkalide processing. This process is easy. Its purpose is to make chocolate less bitter however, it also has a negative effect. If you have ever tried chocolate for the flavanoids, then you need to not only buy dark chocolate but chocolate that hasn’t been through this process. Otherwise, you’re losing most of the flavanoids you could be eating. You also don’t want to drink milk or dairy with this chocolate it’ll be tempting, but it will reduce the amount that you absorb.Have a look at chocolate for more info on this.

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White Chocolate
This chocolate is white for a reason. Any fatty cocoa solids which are, for the most part, what makes chocolate dark, are not found in this type of chocolate. This means that it also does not contain very much theobromine. If you have a dog that gets into this type of chocolate, don’t worry. The theobromine is the component that makes it toxic for animals. This type is also extremely sweet. It melts a little easier than other chocolates as well.

Milk, Semi-Sweet, Etc
These are the ones between white chocolate and dark chocolate. They generally contain less fatty cocoa solids than dark chocolate-under half and normally are the ones to undergo the Dutch process that takes the bitterness out of the chocolate. It is pointless to try to get any form of flavanoids out of milk chocolate since dairy reduces the effects of the flavanoids if they are digested together. So, you’ll still need to buy dark chocolate to get the anti-oxidants. But, these chocolates are great for cookies and other sweets. Don’t hesitate to use them just because they don’t have flavanoids in them-just don’t expect any helpful benefits from them!

Bakers Chocolate and Unsweetened Chocolate
These are generally the types of chocolate that you aren’t going to want to eat without putting them in a dish. Normally, you don’t find these in a bulk candies or bulk chocolates wholesale, unless you aim to bake a lot of goods or you own your own restaurant! It is not recommended that you try to eat these by themselves. Most people can’t handle something with absolutely no sugar at all and not all of this type goes through the Dutch process.